Medic's Shockrod of Lasers held
Medic's Shockrod of Lasers item

Medic's Shockrod of Lasers is a level 16 Medic weapon. It is acquired from the Coin Shop where it sells for Goldcointemplate2152 and it is also acquired from the prize wheel at Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost and Explosive Robgoblins!.

Required Edit

Level 16, Medic

Effects Edit

Cauterize: Strikes with laser precision inflicting an wound and cauterizing it. Damages all opponents in front of you.

Deals 1186 damage.
Deals 1186 damage.
Sometimes reduces opponent defense.

Laser Surgery: Rains down a precise laser strike, damaging all opponents in front of you.

Deals 10674 damage.
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