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Lost Treasures Month is a themed month-long event that took place November 1 through December 10, 2013. During the event, Free Realms released four content updates that introduced variations of previously introduced items considered rare at the time the event ran, such as Physical Trading Card Game Virtual Rewards.

Content introduced as a part of Lost Treasures Month is only available while the event is active.[1]

Lost Treasures Month was initially revealed to the public by Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George over the official Free Realms Forums on September 24, 2013.[2]


The Lost Treasures Month questline features Sunstone Jones hosting Scrap Collector, along with Kara Loft hosting Hunting Treasure. Possible item rewards upon opening a Lost Treasure Chest in Hunting Treasure include:

Conehat Decorative Bone Wand Decorative Smithy Hammer
Fiber Optic Wand Giant Penguin Meal Hat 'n Monocle
Merry Vale Bouquet Mini-Thugawug Stew Propeller Cap
Spoiled Cat Collar Spoiled Cat Crown Ultimate Bacon-Maker


November 2013's Monthly Member Bonus

Week #0 - 10/29/13

Unlocked 11/1/13

Week #1 - 11/5/13

Week #2 - 11/12/13

Week #3 - 11/19/13

Week #4 - 11/26/13




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