Station Cash Edit



Crop Duster - Sc810
Scarecrow - Sc180
Sprinkler - Sc180
Fertilizer - Sc90
Miracle Grown - Sc90


Wilds Farm - Sc270
Brairwood Farm - Sc495


Bumbleberry Seed Pack - Sc90
Sprialmint Seed Pack - Sc90
Wildroot Seed Pack - Sc90
Snowberry Seed Pack - Sc90
Rainleaf Seed Pack - Sc90
Gummyfruit Seed Pack - Sc90
Starnut Seed Pack - Sc90
Stickfruit Seed Pack - Sc90
Chugaroot Seed Pack - Sc90
Moonbean Seed Pack - Sc90
Briarmelon Seed Pack - Sc90
Sunleaf Seed Pack - Sc90
Vaultberry Seed Packet - Sc90
Briarapple Seed - Sc90

Mystery KeysEdit

Mystery Key - Sc180

Crafts Edit

Forged Weapon Recipe Bundle - Sc3375
Robgoblin Flux Kajigger - Sc450
Archer's Forged Bow of Advantage Recipe - Sc675
Brawler's Forged Hammer of Challenge - Sc675
Medic's Forged Saw of Promise - Sc675
Ninja's Forged Sword of Purge - Sc675
Warrior's Forged Axe of Boon - Sc675
Wizard's Forged Wand of Cunning - Sc675

Treasure WarEdit

Treasure War Booster Pack - Sc270
Gold Bundle - Sc270
Silver Bundle - Sc135
Gold Trinket - Sc180
Silver Trinket - Sc90
Gold Jewel - Sc360
Silver Jewel - Sc180
Campaign 3: Change of Heart - Sc450
Campaign 4: Lakeshore Shenanigans - Sc450
Campaign 5: Hot Springs Haven - Sc450
Campaign 6: Tanglewood Fort - Sc450
Campaign 7: Queen's Last Hope - Sc450

V.I.P Edit

High Fantasy Outfit - Sc270
Phoenix - Sc405
Robot Outfit - Sc450
Sun - Sc315
VIP Juice Bar - Sc450
Briar Falls Lot - Sc450
Sci-Fi Outfit (M&F) - Sc360
VIP Party Pool - Sc900
Hydra Pet - Sc495
Rogue Outfit - Sc270
VIP Chicken Boombox - Sc270
Hydra Ride - Sc630
King's Outfit - Sc360
Queen's Outfit - Sc360
VIP Club House - Sc1350

Coins Edit

5,000 Coins - Sc247
7,500 Coins - Sc292
10,000 Coins - Sc337
20,000 Coins - Sc652

Rides Edit

Hearts Pegasus - Sc495
Haunted Hoverboard - Sc350
Futuristic Bicycle - SOE Employees
Beach Ball - Sc450
Basalt Surfboard - Sc450
Pogo Stick - Sc675
Robgoblin Mech - Sc855
Strped Robgoblin Mech - Sc855
Feathered Drake - Sc495
Bat - Sc495
Wolf - Sc495
Wilds Tractor - Sc495
Bicycle - Sc495
Dwarftech Chopper - Sc675
Bowling Ball - Sc315
Eight Ball - Sc315
Lava Tiger - Sc495
Saber-Tooth Tiger - Sc495
Stone Saber-Tooth Tiger - Sc495
Tiger - Sc495
Precursor Hoverboard - Sc495
Molten Hoverboard - Sc495
Stormy Hoverboard - Sc495
Fiery Hoverboard - Sc495
Clockwork Hoverboard - Sc495
Dwarftech Hoverboard - Sc495
Fairweather Hoverboard - Sc495
Black-Nosed Stallion - Sc405
Hearts Pegasus - Sc495
Nightmare - Sc495
Pegasus Unicorn - Sc495
Stallion - Sc405
Unicorn - Sc495
White-Nosed Mare - Sc405
White-Nosed Stallion - Sc405
Pegasus - Sc495
Fire Pegasus - Sc495
Gold Tipped Dragon - Sc495
Scaled Dragon - Sc495
Skeletal Dragon - Sc585
Poison Dragon - Sc495
Armored T-Rex - Sc495
Spotted T-Rex - Sc405
Striped T-Rex - Sc405
Air T-Rex - Sc495

Party Supplies Edit


Party Crate - Sc630

Housing Edit

Building Materials

Piano Music Block C-Scale Bundle - Sc180
Fart Music C-Scale Bundle - Sc180
Piano C1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano D1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano E1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano F1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano G1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano A1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano B1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Piano C2 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart B1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart D1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart E1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart F1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart G1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart A1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart B1 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Fart C2 C-Scale Music Block - Sc45
Giant Brick Builders Pack - Sc900
Giant Cobblestone Builders Pack - Sc900
Giant Marble Builders Pack - Sc900
Giant Toy Builders Pack - Sc900
Giant Wood Builders Pack - Sc900
Large Brick Builders Pack - Sc540
Large Cobblestone Builders Pack - Sc540
Large Marble Builders Pack - Sc540
Large Toy Builders Pack - Sc540
Large Wood Builders Pack - Sc540
Big Brick Builders Pack - Sc360
Big Cobblestone Builders Pack - Sc360
Big Marble Builders Pack - Sc360
Big Toy Builders Pack - Sc360
Big Wood Builders Pack - Sc360
Brick Builders Pack - Sc180
Cobblestone Builders Pack - Sc180
Marble Builders Pack - Sc180
Toy Builders Pack - Sc180
Wood Builders Pack - Sc180


Checkpoint - Sc135
Checkpoint (20) - Sc810
Checkpoint (5) - Sc270
Checkpoint (2) - Sc135
Circular Checkpoint (20) - Sc810
Circular Checkpoint (5) - Sc270
Curved Wooden Walkway - Sc67
Fall-Away Block - Sc135
Fluffy Clouds - Sc45 - Sc135
Fluffy Cloud Bridge - Sc247
Large Launch Pad - Sc180
Long Range Elevator Platform - Sc135
Long Range Sideways Platform - Sc135
Medium Launch Pad - Sc135
Multi-way Teleporter - Sc180
One-Way Teleporter - Sc180
Stone Bridge - Sc157
Storm Cloud - Sc45 - Sc135
Storm Cloud Bridge - Sc247
Suspension Bridge - Sc157
Two-way Teleporter - Sc180
Wooden Bridge - Sc157
Wooden Walkway - Sc45
Wooden Walkway Ramp - Sc67


Lake Tree Lot - Sc450
Blackspore Swamp Lot - Sc270
Bog Shore Lot - Sc200
Briarwall Towers Lot - Sc450
Briarwood Lot - Sc270
Crystal Mines Lot - Sc360
Lonely Island Lot - Sc450
Merry Vale Lot - Sc270
Sandy Beach lot - Sc360
Seaside Lot - Sc270
Shrouded Glad Lot - Sc270
Shrouded Stairs Lot - Sc360
Snowhill Lot - Sc270
Vale Stream Lot - Sc360
Wugachug Lot - Sc270


Dragonscale Roofing Shingles - Sc135
Natural Wooden Roofing - Sc45


Rainbow Wallpaper - Sc135
Aquarium Wallpaper - Sc135
Fast Food Wallpaper - Sc90
Cloudy Sky Wallpaper - Sc135
Fruity Wallpaper - Sc45
Seaside Sky Wallpaper - Sc135
Light Pirate Skull Wallpaper - Sc45
Dark Pirate Skull Wallpaper - Sc45
Snowhill Sky Wallpaper - Sc135
Rainbow Sky Wallpaper - Sc135
Rainbow Star Wallpaper - Sc45
Sweet Tooth Wallpaper - Sc90
Wilds Sky Wallpaper - Sc135
Skulls and Bows Wallpaper - Sc90
Spooky Wallpaper - Sc135
Butterfly Print Wallpaper - Sc90
Colorful Vertical Stripe Wallpaper - Sc180
Dragonscale Wallpaper - Sc135
Flower Power Wallpaper - Sc135
Outer space Wallpaper - Sc90
Paint Splatter Wallpaper - Sc135
Refined Vertical stripe Wallpaper - Sc180
Shanty Town Wallpaper - Sc135
Standard Wall Paint - Sc135
Starry Night Wallpaper - Sc45
Stucco Wall Texture - Sc90


Fast Food Flooring - Sc90
Rainbow Flooring - Sc135
Seaside Sand Flooring - Sc90
Pirate Flooring - Sc45
Fruity Flooring - Sc45
Wilds Cobblestone Flooring - Sc90
Briarwood Cobblestone Flooring - Sc90
Spooky Flooring - Sc135
Natural Wood Flooring - Sc90
Pleasant Tile Flooring - Sc90
Regal Wood Flooring - Sc135


Snowhill Lodge - Sc855
Blackspore Swamp House - Sc855
Large Wilds House - Sc675
Small Wilds House - Sc495
Blackspore Swamp House - Sc950
Sunstone Dam - Sc1350


Swirly Railed Gazebo - Sc450
Dead Savanna Tree - Sc90
Savanna Tree - Sc90
Sunstone Boulders - Sc45
Sunstone Rock Bridge - Sc180
Briarwood Bounce Castle - Sc585
Tki Torch - Sc45
Bleachers - Sc180
Square Mausoleum - Sc720
Giant Gravestone - Sc270
Round Mausoleum - Sc540
Wilds Cafe - Sc630
Festival Pavilion - Sc630
Festival Stand - Sc495
Wilds Shop - Sc630
Robgoblin Stage - Sc720
Giant Toilet Bowl - Sc720
Robgoblin Modile Apartment - Sc225
Seaside Cafe - Sc900
Lifeguard Station - Sc360
Juice Bar - Sc540
Basic Swimming Pool - Sc720
Skeleton A-Go-Go - Sc450
Pirate Ship - Sc540
Oasis - Sc720
Shrinking Head Cauldron - Sc90
Mega Dance Floor - Sc540
Stone Head - Sc360
Rocket Ship - Sc900

Exterior Decorations

Sunstone Environment Bundle - Sc1035
Barel Cactus - Sc22
Beavertail Cactus - Sc22
Saguaro Cactus - Sc22
Pik Agave - Sc22
Blue Agave - Sc22
Standard Candy Cart - Sc180


Freewheelers Lamp - Sc45
Snowhill Lodge Rug - Sc45
Aquarium - Sc90
Barbecue Grill - Sc90
Basic Dance Floor - Sc180
Flower Round Rug - Sc22
Spotlight - Sc270
Standard Balloons - Sc45
Starry Night Rug - Sc22
Train Set - Sc90


Freewheelers Furniture Bundle - Sc630
Freewheelers Bed - Sc135
Freewheelers Chair - Sc67
Freewheelers Couch - Sc90
Snowhill Lodge Furniture Bundle - Sc540
Snowhill Lodge Bed - Sc90
Snowhill Lodge Couch - Sc45
Snowhill Lodge Dinning Table - Sc90
Snowhill Lodge Chair - Sc22
Flower Highback Sofa - Sc45
Flower Side Table - Sc22
Jukebox - Sc360
Pirate Ship Bed - Sc135
Rounded Flower Highback Sofa - Sc45
Spooky Chair - Sc22
Spooky Coffee Table - Sc45
Spooky Coffin Clock - Sc180
Spooky Coffin Couch - Sc67
Starry Night Bed - Sc67
Stereo - Sc90
Stone Bookcase - Sc22
Stone Roundtop Coffee Table - Sc22

Wall Hangings

Freewheelers Wall Trophy - Sc135
Snowhill Lodge Moose Head - Sc225
Automatic Head Size Augmenter - Sc90
Spooky Chatty Painint - Sc90

Weapons and Tools Edit


Rainbow Umbrella - Sc180
Icecream Cone - Sc90
Lantern - Sc202
Lolipop - Sc202
Bone - Sc45
Yo-Yo - Sc855
Cactus Club - Sc585


New School Blow Torch - Sc247
New School Branding Iron - Sc247
New School Electric Knife - Sc247
New School Turkey Lef - Sc247
New School Jacklehammer - Sc247
New School Coal Mine Canary - Sc247

Blazing Scythe
Fighting Tiger Scythe
New School Forked Wand - Sc270
New School Orbital Wand - Sc180
New School Shard Wand - Sc200(180 with members discount)
New School EKG Crutch - Sc300 (270 with members discount)
New School Elemental Procedure - Sc200(180 with members discount)
New School Split Saw - Sc180
New School Molten Bow - Sc180
New School Scoped Stalker Bow - Sc270
New School Exploding Hammer - Sc180
New School Golden Hammer - Sc180
New School Torque Trasher - Sc270
New School Radioactive Beam Blade - Sc315
New School Rainbow Coil Cutter - Sc315
New School Storm Breaker - Sc180
New School Dragon Blade - Sc270
Archer's Power Bow - Sc315
New School Flowing Emerald Blade - Sc315
Brawler's Power Fist - Sc315
New School Angro's Vanquisher - Sc180
New School Ignis - Sc180
Medic's Power Fist - Sc315
New School Exploding Axe - Sc180
New School Prismatic Beam Saber - Sc315
Ninja's Nature Claw - Sc315
New School Twin Crescent Axe - Sc270
Warrior's Nature Claw - Sc315
Wizard's Nature Wand - Sc315

Karts Edit

Derby Karts:

Cutlass Wrecker - Sc630
Crazy Crusher - Sc630
Barbed Crusher - Sc630
Sea Serpent Wrecker - Sc360
Bear Wrecker - Sc495
Dueler Wrecker - Sc495

Race Karts

Wicked Racer - Sc630
Splash Zipper - Sc630
Slicing Racer - Sc630
Arrow Runner - Sc630
Speedy Runner - Sc495
Slime Runner - Sc495

Derby Kart Parts

Derby Elite Engine - Sc270
Elite Turbo Tank - Sc270
Pro Jumping Springs - Sc180
Advanced Bounce Boosters - Sc90
Advanced Boost Fuel - Sc90
Club Card Derby Decal - Sc45
Fire Totem Derby Decal - Sc45
Fossil-Tooth Derby Decal - Sc45
Green Crystal Derby Decal - Sc45
Guitar Derby Decal - Sc45
Bug-Eating Plant Derby Decal - Sc45
Orb Derby Decal - Sc45
Pizza Slice Derby Decal - Sc45
Trophy Derby Decal - Sc45
Web Spinner Derby Decal - Sc45

Race Kart Parts

Racing Elite Engine - Sc270
Elite Turbo Booster - Sc270
Advanced Full-Body Armor - Sc180
Pro Nitro Upgrade - Sc180
Advanced Anit-Missile Armor - Sc90
Advanced Anti-Mine Armor - Sc90
Bat Wing Racing Decal - Sc45
Firecracke Racing Decal - Sc45
Fish Bone Racing Decal - Sc45
Forest Totem Racing Decal - Sc45
Granite Figurine Decal - Sc45
Hawk Racing Decal - Sc45
Red Crystal Racing Decal - Sc45
Saxophone Racing Decal - Sc45
Taka Racing Decal - Sc45
Torch Racing Decal - Sc45

Trading Card Game Edit

Heros Booster Pack - Sc224
Free Realms Digital Booster Bundle (25 pack) - Sc5399
Shattered Past Booster Bundle (25 pack) - Sc5399
Baron Von Darkcheat Booster Bundle (25 pack) - Sc5399
Heros Booster Bundle (25 pack) - Sc5399
Baron Von Darkcheat Booster Pack - Sc224
Shattered Past Booster Pack - Sc224
Free Realms Digital Booster Pack - Sc224
Baron Von Darkcheat Chaos Starter Deck - Sc539
Baron Von Darkcheat Machine Starter Deck - Sc539
Baron Cone Nature Starter Deck - Sc539
Baron Von Order Starter Deck - Sc539
Shattered Past Chaos Starter Deck - {{SC|539
Shattered Past Machine Deck - Sc539
Shattered Past Nature Starter Deck - Sc539
Shattered Past Starter Deck - Sc539

Jewelery and Shards Edit

Flair Shards

Bleached Sparkling Flair Shard - Sc90
Bittersweet Sparkling Flair Shard - Sc90
Beryl Sparkling Flair Shard - Sc90
Amethyst Glowing Flair Shard - Sc90
Kaleidoscopic Glowing Flair Shard - Sc90
Ivory Glowing Flair Shard - Sc90
Illuminating Flair Shard - Sc90
Lilac Sparkling Flair Shard - Sc90
Ruby Glowing Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Black Flair Shard - Sc190
Burning Blue Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Green Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Orange Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Pink Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Purple Flair Shard - Sc90
Burning Yellow Flair Shard - Sc90
Moleten Flair Shard - Sc90
Karate Screamer Flair Shard - Sc315
Singshot's Revenge Flair Shard - Sc315
Juggling Hurricane Flair Shard - Sc315
Campfire Flair Shard - Sc90
Maple Leaf Flair Shard - Sc90
Firefly Flair Shard - Sc90
S'mores Flair Shard - Sc90

Supplies Edit

Scrolls and Trinkets

Super Star Booster - Sc180
Prospector's Scroll - Sc45
Training Saddle Of Gliding - Sc180
Flute of Slumber - Comic Book #10
Mushroom Pizza - Comic Book #2
Prospector's Scroll - Sc50
Stink Bombs - Comic Book #8
Wheeler Star Booster Scroll - Daily Wheel
Wheeler Coin Booster Scroll - Daily Wheel


Shared Health Potion (5) - Sc180
Shared Energy Potion (5) - Sc180
Shared Replenishment Potion (5) - Sc180
Befuddler Ball (5) - Sc45
Bedtime Ball (5) - Sc45
Large Energy Potion (5) - Sc45
Large Health Potion (5) - Sc45
Large Health Potion (5) - Sc45

Food and Drink

Steaming Pretzels - Sc90
Small Bread - Sc90
Scrumptious Soup - Sc90
Frosty Flakes - Sc90
Pixiedust Pie - Sc90
Arbor Buttercake - Sc90
Hot Sauce Buns - Sc90
Firefrog Legs - Sc90
Noxious Pork Chops - Sc90
Graveyard Flambe - Sc90
Roaring Rapids Roast - Sc90
Deep Mines Delight - Sc90
Silver Surf n' Turf - Sc90
Mr.Gleam's Granola Bar - Sc90
Fiery Fury Candy - Sc90
Rocking Road Mix - Sc90
Electric Veal Meat - Sc90
Mutton Mash - Sc180
Pured Pear Pie - Sc135
Bark Berries - Sc135
Bitter Cherry Split - Sc135
Wood Fondue - Sc135
Growling Mud Pie - Sc135
Fetching Some Ice Cream - Sc135
Sharking Shaved Ice - Sc135
Cotton Woof Candy - Sc135
Vine Noodles - Sc180
Cheese Stuffed Ham - Sc45
Hot Cheese Fondue - Sc45
Cheezy Rizty Bitz - Sc45
Eight Layered Bittercake - Sc45
Thumped Bear Meat - Sc45

Members Only Edit

Yo-yo - Sc855
Pinstripe Pants - Sc90
Pinstripe Jacket - Sc202
Astronaut Suit - Sc585
Toxit T-Shirt - Sc450
Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Sc450
Wireless T-shirt - Sc450
Holiday T-shirt - Sc450
Tuxedo T-shirt - Sc450



Flair ShardsEdit

Ninja's Flair Shard of Dancing Shadow
Ninja's Flair Shard of Ice
Archer's Flair Shard of Autumn
Archer's Flair Shard of Ice
Archer's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Archer's Flair Shard of Spores
Archer's Flair Shard of the Arctic
Archer's Flair Shard of the Forest
Archer's Flair Shard of Thorns
Archer's Flair Shard of Valentines
Brawler's Flair Shard of Fire
Brawler's Flair Shard of Glamour
Brawler's Flair Shard of Ice
Brawler's Flair Shard of Meteors
Brawler's Flair Shard of Prosperity
Brawler's Flair Shard of Shattering
Brawler's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Brawler's Flair Shard of Sparks
Brawler's Flair Shard of the Forest
Brawler's Flair Shard of Valentines
Medic's Flair Shard of Energy
Medic's Flair Shard of Glamour
Medic's Flair Shard of Ice
Medic's Flair Shard of Infection
Medic's Flair Shard of Miracles
Medic's Flair Shard of Prosperity
Medic's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Medic's Flair Shard of the Forest
Medic's Flair Shard of Valentines
Medic's Flair Shard of Vital Vitae
Ninja's Flair Shard of Dancing Shadow
Ninja's Flair Shard of Discipline
Ninja's Flair Shard of Glamour
Ninja's Flair Shard of Harmony
Ninja's Flair Shard of Ice
Ninja's Flair Shard of Mystery
Ninja's Flair Shard of Prosperity
Ninja's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Ninja's Flair Shard of the Forest
Ninja's Flair Shard of Valentines
Warrior's Flair Shard of Focus
Warrior's Flair Shard of Glamour
Warrior's Flair Shard of Ice
Warrior's Flair Shard of Majesty
Warrior's Flair Shard of Molten Fury
Warrior's Flair Shard of Prosperity
Warrior's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Warrior's Flair Shard of the Forest
Warrior's Flair Shard of Valentines
Warrior's Keen Flair Shard
Wizard's Flair Shard of Ice
Wizard's Flair Shard of Necromancy
Wizard's Flair Shard of Smoldering
Wizard's Flair Shard of Subtlety
Wizard's Flair Shard of the Forest
Wizard's Flair Shard of the Gifted
Wizard's Flair Shard of the Spheres
Wizard's Flair Shard of Valentines<br

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