There are many items still missing from this wiki and I would love help in capturing screenshots of them for use here. I have created a list of those items at this link. If you have the ability of getting screenshots of any of those items please take pictures according to the Screenshot Requirements, below, and send a private message to rolandspore or to Andrew_Diamondhorn at the official Free Realms forum containing a link to the file(s).

I prefer if you do not crop the images before sending them. I will crop them, make their pages, and upload them. If you prefer, and if you request it, I will leave your character's name in the picture or I will give you a photo credit at the bottom of the page as a thank you for helping. All people who contribute to BrawlWiki will receive thanks on the main page of the site.

Screenshot Requirements Edit

It benefits everyone if the pictures at BrawlWiki are clear, well-lit, and at a good angle.

Item Shots Edit

Please take an "item" shot by equipping the item, placing your cursor over your Weapon slot and waiting for the stat bubble to appear.

Here is an example of a good "item" shot:

Good Example Item

Held Shots Edit

Please take a "held" shot by equipping the item, rotating the camera so that it shows you in profile with the item in your hand near the camera, and waiting until no one else is obscuring you or the weapon. Please either take "held" pictures during daylight or near strong lamps to allow the item to be seen well.

Here is an example of a good "held" shot:

Good Example Item

Here are two examples of bad "held" shots.

Bad Example Held
Bad Example Held2

Dual Shots Edit

Sometime you can achieve both an "item" shot and a "held" shot with one picture. Those are preferable to me.

Here is an example of a good "dual" shot:

Good Example Item

Creating a BrawlWiki user account Edit

Currently only the site administrator, Roland Spore can create new user accounts. If you would like an account, please send a private message to rolandspore at the official Free Realms forum, or find me in-game or on Facebook and state your case. Only people with a genuine interest in helping BrawlWiki will have accounts created.

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