Guilds are groups (clans, clubs) that can be created (and accepted or declined by Free Realms staff at a varying waiting time if it does not following the naming policy) once a player reaches level 15 on any Job[1], players can invite others to their guild before reaching the one-hundred player limit.


Players can name your guild, and the guild gets its own private chat channel[2] akin to that of Members or Group chat, your guild's name will be displayed under your character's name in your Name Plate.


As a guild leader, Officers and Leaders can recruit new players to the guild and promote current members. Officers and above can promote recruits to member and/or officer and invite other player's into the guild. Leaders can promote guild mates to said rank, though if they do so, they have as much power as the leader and can demote or kick out a member of any rank(including leaders and the founder).

Guilds formerly had to be to compile with the naming policy set by Free Realms[3], if it didn't follow the naming policy, it would be declined.  It is impossible for players to rename their guild, they must leave the guild and create a new one.[4].

As of recent updates, Guilds have the name players formerly started there guilds with before being approved, <Player's Guild>, a scroll is available in the SC Marketplace to change it into a custom name change.



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