Greenwood Forest is a forest located in Sacred Grove. Greenwood Forest leads to two camps: Camp Chatty and Camp Robbie.

At Camp Robbie, Robbie the Robgoblin resides, along with a small group of local Robgoblins who provide company and conversation. This area also includes a Treasure Hunt minigame, and 'Robbie Only' quests, like having to collect artifacts for Robbie, and another to help Bigfoot, a nearby gentle giant in need of aid against the opposing Camp Chatty scouts.

In Camp Chatty, you meet Chatty the Treeble, the mascot of Free Realms. You help the camp members feed animals, and stop Bigfoot  from scaring away campers. This area includes a Treasure Hunt minigame as well, along with 'Chatty Only' quests that are slightly similiar to their Robgoblin counterparts.

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