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Southwestern corner of Sacred Grove.

Home of Lugabow, a famous Archer. One of the quickest ways to reach the camp is by traveling to the Lavender Coast Pass Warpstone and heading west.

Nearby Places Edit

Dungeons Edit

Quest Series Edit

Chugawug Bandits Edit

  1. A Bandit's Life 
  2. What is a Shadow Talon? 
  3. The Mysterious Birds 
  4. Bad Ninjas 
  5. My Work is Done 

Feeding Glugmort Edit

  1. Glugmort's Palate
  2. A Fancy Meal for Glugmort

Shops Edit

  • Burps - Potions and Vials
  • Belches - Chef supplies
  • Jormajorm - Level 1 Archer weapons and Level 20 Archer pink and black armor
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