Old Green Text stat box

Green Text weapon stat box before being retired

Green Text weapons are weapons whose names used to appear in a green font, before being retired. They were acquired in dungeons where they were dropped at random by certain "boss" enemies, and some were (and still are) made by Blacksmiths. On December 14, 2009, Green Text weapons were retired as dungeon drops and upon retirement their names were changed to a white font. Those that cannot be made by Blacksmiths are currently only acquired through trade.

All Green Text weapons have the same particle effect.

Table of Green Text weapons Edit

The following is a list of Green Text weapons, showing which can still be made by Blacksmiths and which can only be acquired through trade.

Weapon Blacksmith made Trade only
Alley Fighter Hammer yes
Anguish Aid Bonesaw yes
Berserk Bruiser Hammer yes
Biting Mongoose Blade yes
Brutal Blast Bow yes
Buff Bruiser Hammer yes
Chivalrous Guardian Hammer yes
Comet Infused Wand yes
Courageous Defender Axe yes
Dancing Monkey Bokken yes
Daring Champion Cudgel yes
Diving Hawk Scythe yes
Eclipse Infused Wand yes
Emergency Aid Shockrod yes
Fast Blast Bow yes
Fearless Defender Hammer yes
Feisty Fighter Hammer yes
Feral Fire Bow yes
Field Support Scalpel yes
Fighting Tiger Scythe yes
First Aid Hammer yes
Flying Dragon Sword yes
Focus Fire Bow yes
Frenzy Fighter Hammer yes
Grief Relief Hammer yes
Heal Support Bonesaw yes
Heroic Champion Axe yes
Hurt Mender Scalpel yes
Intrepid Protector Axe yes
Lunar Enchanted Wand yes
Nether Enchanted Wand yes
Pain Relief Bonesaw yes
Power Charmed Wand yes
Prowling Rat Bokken yes
Quick Shot Bow yes
Rapid Shot Bow yes
Ring Rumbler Hammer yes
Rowdy Rumbler Hammer yes
Savage Sting Bow yes
Shadow Infused Wand yes
Soaring Eagle Scythe yes
Solar Charmed Wand yes
Spirited Protector Axe yes
Spunky Scrapper Hammer yes
Stalking Panther Scythe yes
Stalwart Protector Hammer yes
Steadfast Guardian Hammer yes
Storm Charmed Wand yes
Storm Shot Bow yes
Street Scrapper Hammer yes
Striking Serpent Sword yes
Strong Scrapper Hammer yes
Swift Sting Bow yes
Tempest Woven Wand yes
Trauma Support Shockrod yes
Trick Shot Bow yes
Twisting Cobra Blade yes
Valiant Guardian Cudgel yes
Void Woven Wand yes
Wound Mender Bonesaw yes
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