Free Realms: The Official Handbook and Strategy Guide


Tracey West


Scholastic, Inc.

Release date

Nov 1, 2010

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Free Realms: The Official Handbook and Strategy Guide is a book written by Tracey West, and published by Scholastic on November 1st, 2010. The book covers much of the basic information of Free Realms prior to 2011. Although since Free Realms has changed largely since 2010, the book is currently out of date. Currently this, along with the Free Realms: How to Draw Heroes and Villains, are the only Official Free Realms published books.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Back coverEdit

Welcome to the exciting and magical world of Free Realms - the online adventure game that is a global sensation!

When you enter Free Realms, you become part of a fantastic world, one where fairies and other mystical creatures mix with humans. You can go on unforgettable quests and unlock secrets and surprises, all while making friends from around the world. Plus you can master several careers to give you an edge.

This handbook and strategy guide outlines everything you'll need to know about the game. From learning basic skills to completing quests, to getting to know Free Realms' characters and creatures, with the help of this guide you'll be a Free Realms expert in no time!



Included poster

As advertised on the cover, the book includes a Poster and a promotional code. The code included is ICECREAMSURPRISE, which grants a consumable named Ice Cream Surprise that contains a Snowflake Effect for 30 minutes. The poster included depicts a labeled map of the Sacred Grove atlas.

Behind the scenesEdit

The cover states that the book is written by Aaron Rosenberg, where as most big-name websites found online say that it is in fact written by Tracey West.

Although the publisher's store website lists the book as intended for ages 7-12[1], the set age minimum is inconsistent among online websites, implying the intended age groups are 8-12[2], or 9-12[3].



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