Foreman Redd






You know, making these custom playgrounds is easier than it looks! But you need the right items to do it....
Are you interested?
~ Foreman Redd

Foreman Redd is a Dwarf NPC that can no longer be found in game as of the removal of the Queensfields playground on May 10, 2013. Prior to then Redd had been located under the Queensfields playground. Players would interact with Foreman Redd through left-click or the "x" key and then prompted to either accept or deny opening the SC Marketplace. The SC marketplace he introduces has a specific filter default on housing items that are typically used to build playgrounds.

Items in his marketplace filter:

  • Checkpoint Sc135
  • Checkpoint (20) Sc810
  • Checkpoint (5) Sc270
  • Curved Wooden Walkway Sc67
  • Fall-away Block Sc45
  • Fall-away Block Sc135
  • Fluffy Cloud Sc45
  • Fluffy Cloud Sc135
  • Fluffy Cloud Brigde Sc247
  • Large Launch Pad Sc180
  • Long Range Elevator Platfrom Sc135
  • Long Range Sideways Platform Sc135
  • Medium Launch Pad Sc135
  • Stone Bridge Sc157
  • Storm Cloud Sc45
  • Storm Cloud Sc135
  • Storm Cloud Bridge Sc247
  • Suspension Bridge Sc157
  • Wooden Bridge Sc157
  • Wooden Walkway Sc45
  • Wooden Walkway Ramp Sc67
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