Farms are lots in which you can plant crops. There are  two types of farms; The Wilds Farm (which is included free once you join) and Briarwood Farm (it must be bought in the SC Store). Although the seeds must be collected from a plant samples in the wild (VaultBerries must be bought in the SC store
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Farm Treasure

) or certain "patches", for example a Bumbleberry Patch and the soil must be bought in the coin or SC store . Depending on what plant it is it will take some time. Inside the farm there is a Farmer's Market where the plants you grow can be traded in for a chance at certain clothes, plant packet illusion, or coins.There is also a vending machine that contains clothes like farmer hat, Wilds Tractor, Mega Growth Sprayer, and many more.  Another feature is that the rocks, boulders, trees, and weeds in the farm when removed can give a treasure. Additionally, the Farm-O-Matic is a machine on farms that can take two different seeds and combine them into a whole new type of seed that yields a crop that is a combination of the original seeds.

Tractor Ride

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Vault berries.

SCicon Sunset Sale
As of March 18 through 31, 2014, all Station Cash items were permanently priced at Sc1 in response to the sunset.
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