He’ll get you set up with the supplies you’ll need, as well as some useful information.

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Farmer is a job available since May 2011, unlike other jobs it is not in the rotation. Farmer Wug’s cousin, Farmer Chug, will be waiting on the farm to help us out. To get there, first open the Houses menu. Everyone will start out with one free farm: the Wilds Farm. You may access your farm by clicking on “Houses” just like accessing one of your houses or lots .   Farmer Chug will give you advice and quest, which helps you level up. Farmer Chug is a Quest Giver, he gives you quest  and his first task is pulling out weed.

You can get Coins and various items from Farming including Vaultberries in Station Cash item.

Helpful TipsEdit

  • If you do farming at power hour you should get a lot of spins and spin out of the beret weels this way you will get 10,000 coins each try plus you might get a beret witch you can sell for more coins or you can have your self.
  • You should use your soils by putting them down then next time you use the Tiller you will still have that many soils left and you will have twice as many soils this method takes longer but will save you money. 

Vaultberry itemsEdit

Unisex Clothing:Edit

Baseball Caps


Heart T-shirt

Robogoblin T-shirt

Striped T-shirt

Swimmer Short Sleeve

Wilds T-shirt

Board Shorts

Bermuda Shorts

Boot Cut Pants

Small Stiched Pants

Orange Strapped Flip Flops

Striped Sandals

Guys Only:Edit

Baggy Jeans

Cargo Shorts

Flannel Shirt



Layered Shirt

Long Sleeve Flared Shirt

One Stripe Shirt

Striped Shirt

Short Sleeve Plaid

Short Sleeve Flared Shirt

Swirly Shirt

Slipper Sandals

Three Quarted Plaid 

Work Boots

Girls Only:Edit

Blouse Vest

Boot Cut Pointy Pants

Cardigan Sweater

Closed Toe Sandals

Cowboy Hat

Dark Shoulder Midriff

Filigree Long Sleeve 

Flared Capris

Flared Pants


Layered Skirt

One Shoulder Shirt

Peep Toe Pumps

Pink Small Sweater Blouse

Rolled Sleeve Hoodie

Ruffled Blouse

Small Sweater Blouse

Stitched Capris 

Strapped Shoes

Striped Ruffled Blouse

Striped Baggy Pants

Sporty Sandals

Striped Tank Tops

Vest Blouse

Weeding & FarmingEdit


Astro Helmet

Jester Hat

Dobo Side Kicks

Felt Berets

Ku-Fung Shirt

Baseball Cap

Board Shorts

Wilds T-shirt

Swimmer Short Sleeve

White Stitched Fingerless Gloves

Guys Only:Edit

Gold Trimmed Gloves

Bomber Jacket

Flannel Shirt

Gold Tipped Work Boots

Grappling Hook Pants

Beige Strapped Fedora

Brown Rope Rolled Sleeve Shirt

Brown Rope Fedora

White Stitched Work Boots

White Stitched Boot Cut Pants

Green Rope Pants

Girls Only:Edit

Designer Gloves

Poofy Blouse Vest

Pink Small Sweater Blouse

Blouse Vest

Riding Pants

Gold Buckled Knee High Boots

Outback Hat

Orange Ker Chief Mid

Orange Belt Rider Pants

Orange Slough Hat

Orange Knee High Boot

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