Dungeons are locations; they are combat Mini-Games. They are ranked according to their difficulty on a scale from one to five, with one being easiest and five being hardest. Dungeons appear on the Atlas. They have static locations with static entrances. Their entrances typically appear as a barrier, such as boards across a cave entrance or a warning sign chained across a path. Collections for the combat jobs are found within Dungeons.

Dungeons by Difficulty Edit

Difficulty 1 Edit

Bixie Hive
Cracked Claw Caverns
Cursed Graveyard
Hewey's Escape
Hot Springs Haven
King of the Ring!
Sheep Watch
Tavern Cellar

Difficulty 2 Edit

Arachnia's Lair
Danger Peaks
Den of Secrets
Highroad Hijinx
Robgoblin Treasure Trove
Sweetwater Climb
The Bat Cave!

Difficulty 3 Edit

You need a level 5 or higher combat job to enter these.

Bone Bog Cemetery
Bristlewood Glade
Deep Mines
Floren Forest
Forgotten Caves
Howling Hills
Misty Mountain
Mushroom Cavern
Sandscale Oasis
The Snarling Hedges

Difficulty 4 Edit

You need a level 9 or higher combat job to enter these.

Bandit Hideout!
Briar Patch
Croaking Vale
Darvon's Descent
Frostfang Caverns
Grexan's Camp
Mugwort's Hollow
Treeleaf's Retreat
Vale of the Ancients

Difficulty 5 Edit

You need a level 13 or higher combat job to enter these.

Briarheart Caverns
Cray Caves
Dark Spore Depths
Forest Troll Fort
Haunted Mines
Precursor Ruins
Snowy Canyon
Tanglewood Fort
Trail of Betrayal
Towns and Villages
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