Dark Spore Depths ext

Dark Spore Depths

Dark Spore Depths int

Dark Spore Depths, interior



Necro Spore

Necro Spore

Necrolaceous, a giant mushroom shambler, is amassing a huge army! Defeat him before his army gets too big!

Dark Spore Depths is a difficulty 5 dungeon that is started by clicking on Dark Spore Depths in Nettleseed, Briarwood. There is an icon on the Atlas for Dark Spore Depths.

Required Edit

Level 13, Any Combat Job

Goals Edit

Defeat Necrolaceous!
Bonus: Remove five Necro Spores from Dark Spore Depths! (5)

Rewards Edit

334 Stars or less
Members Only Bonus: Goldcointemplate321 coins

Archer Prize Wheel Edit

Archer's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Archer's Raptor Bow of Splintering
Archer's Ring of Regeneration V
Battle Item Mystery Pack
Bull's-Eye Archer Leggings
Pin Hole Archer Leggings
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Brawler Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Brawler's Atlas Hammer of Roundhouse
Brawler's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Brawler's Ring of Regeneration V
Knockdown Brawler Pants
Power Punch Brawler Pants
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Medic Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Medic's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Medic's Ring of Regeneration V
Medic's Shockrod of Immunization
Stopping Power Medic Fatigues
Wound Ballistic Medic Fatigues
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Ninja Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Jonin Ninja Hakama
Ninja's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Ninja's Ring of Regeneration V
Ninja's Shadow Blade of Flame Wave
Soke Ninja Hakama
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Warrior Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Called Shot Warrior Breeches
Critical Hit Warrior Greaves
Warrior's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Warrior's Ring of Regeneration V
Warrior's Warlord Axe of Warcry
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Wizard Prize Wheel Edit

Arcane Master Wizard Pants / Arcane Master Wizard Skirt
Archmagus Wizard Slacks / Archmagus Wizard Skirt
Battle Item Mystery Pack
Wizard's Ornate Wand of Tsunami
Wizard's Power Shard of Regeneration V
Wizard's Ring of Regeneration V
Goldcointemplate117 coins

Bonus Rewards Edit

Completion of the bonus goal, "Remove five Necro Spores from Dark Spore Depths!", will grant all players in the instance an article of clothing from the sets listed below. The color and body part of the armor is random, but the armor will match the current job of the player receiving it.

Archer: Bull's-Eye, Pin Hole, Upshot
Brawler: Bare Knuckle, Knockdown, Power Punch
Medic: Enery Transfer, Stopping Power, Wound Ballistic
Ninja: Chunin, Jonin, Soke
Warrior: Action Power, Called Shot, Critical Hit
Wizard: Adept, Arcane Master, Archmagus
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