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Cragara resting in Merry Vale







Has it come to see the wonders Cragara is selling today?
~ Cragara

Cragara, also known as the Mysterious Merchant, is a mysterious NPC Merchant that appears at locations at random offering items at random.

Generally Cragara sells items that vary from regular Station Cash Marketplace items with large discount prices, exclusive content that isn't available through the SC Marketplace, and SC Marketplace items at store price but available in rare, exclusive colors.

Cragara is constantly relocating her shop and is not always available in the Sacred Grove. She only offers the opportunity to purchase 4-6 different items at random and in limited quantity at each relocation.

Sacred GroveEdit

Hmmm, is it a customer, perhaps interested in the rare items Cragara has brought to sell?
Ah, then it has arrived too soon! Cragara's journey from the Black Forest was long. Cragara must rest before the shop can be opened! But Cragara makes a promise... the items that Cragara brought will be worth the wait!
~ Cragara's resting dialogue

Originally Cragara's shops were closed upon the in game introduction of late 2012. When activated, Cragara provided dialogue explaining that she was resting after a long journey from the Black Forest, a potential area expansion that is located East of the Sacred Grove Atlas.


Cragara spawns in the six following locations: Sunstone Valley, Snowhill, Seaside, Merry Vale, Briarwood, and Blackspore.

Items Cragara sellsEdit




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