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This is for Free Realms Community Events for the Annual Events, see FR Events

Community Events are events hosted by the staff of Free Realms, including Ambassadors, Referee's and House Party in one of the various Warpstones, players can teleport to the event using the calendar as well as check future, present and past events.[1]

House PartyEdit

House Party events are a weekly event ran most Tuesdays by an SOE employee named House Party with the occasional Ambassadors. House Party tours individual player's homes or lots for a varying amount of time, then moves on to the another Player's. Players which have their home toured have the chance to receive a unique code which upon redemption grants the player a Membership Exclusive Futuristic Bicycle Ride. Not every event will have codes given out.

Pet PartyEdit

Pet Parties are "parties" hosted by Referee's themed around Pets, players are suggested to bring their Pets. At the Pet Party, Merchant sell pet related items including clothing and accessories.

Trade Fair Edit

The Trade Fair was an event taking place in Seaside where players would gather to trade various items.[2]. An event almost identical to this event titled "Snowhill Trade Fair" appeared prior to, the only notable difference was that the identical event, as the name suggest, took place in Snowhill.

Wilds Condo Tuesday Edit

Wilds Condo Tuesday was a special edition of the House Party[3], Wilds Condo Tuesday is very similar to the House Party, instead of looking at the Houses, House Party views the Wilds Condo.

Pirate Party and Invasion Edit

The Pirate Party and Invasion was an event themed around the pirate related items, including the Pirate Hat, that took place in Seaside.[4]

Turkey Dance Edit

The Turkey Dance was a dance party for Thanksgiving and the succeeding day[5], it was located in Sanctuary at the Pixiewood shopping district.

Home Show Edit

The Home Show is similar to to the House Party, players submit their houses on the official forum[6] and it and the players name will be displayed on the news section as an article.

Day of the Duel Edit

The Day of Duel was an event where players dueled each other at specific Warpstones with combat jobs, various Ambassadors including Ambassador Pex, appeared at the duel[7], sometimes they're Name Plates will be purple and they will have more powerful abilities than normal users.(teleporting and defeating opponents with one hit.)

Wildwood Demolition Day Edit

The Wildwood Demolition Day event was an event where players fought against other players in the Demolition Derby Driver job, located at the Wildwood Speedway, the players specifically were playing games hosted by an ambassador, Ambassador Pex[8] and even played against him.

Seaside Beach Party Edit

The Seaside Beach Party was a beach party located at Seaside, Community Ambassadors participated in the beach party[9], along with various other players. Beach Clothes obtained in Sanctuary's "Pixiewood" were the outfits worn at the beach party.

Ambassador Hide and Seek Edit

The Ambassador Hide and Seek was an event wear the Community Ambassadors would hide in Brairwood(Thistlerow,Briarheart Palace, Nettleseed)[10], the first player to find them would win and give you their coins in game via trade.

Ghostly Pet Party Edit

The Ghostly Pet Party is an event located in Blackspore that took place during Super Spooktacular, it is very similar to the Pet Party, unlike the Pet Party however, it is themed around the ghost pets.[11]

Baron von Darkcheat TCG Party Edit

The Baron von Darkcheat Trading Card Game was a celebration to celebrate the(at the time) recent TCG expansion pack "Baron von Darkcheat" , the party was located at Snowhill, players also battled in the event, the players went into the casual TCG lobby to play matches, trade cards and observe other battles.[12]

Pirates Plunder Party Edit

The Pirates Plunder Party was an event where players would gather to play the Pirate Plunder minigame located in Seaside, it was the main focus on the Summer Camp "Pirate Week".[13]

Launch Pad Party Edit

The Launch Pad party was an event where players would jump on the Seaside Launch Pad's and reach high heights, players could use Rides to reach higher heights than they can on foot.[14]

Harvest Picnic Party Edit

The Harvest Picnic was a party where players celebrated the fall harvest by playing mini-games and dancing to Boomboxes, it was suggested that players where the Turkey Hat and Turkey Outfit.[15][16]

Wintery Basin Snow Days Party Edit

The Wintery Basin Snow Days Party was the first "party"(sic) of 2011 themed around Snow Days, it was a Fishing event located in Snowhill in the Wintery Basin[17]


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