Cobblestone Village, formerly known as Crossroads, is a very small municipality at the center of the Free Realms world and, as the former name states, is at a crossroad. Cobblestone Village sits where the road from Sanctuary to Wildwood Speedway intersects the road from Blackspore Swamp to Lavender Coast. Cobblestone Village is little more than a small gathering of buildings and it is really most notable for having a warpstone that allows travelers to visit Farnum's Farm and Wildwood Speedway easily. The portion of Cobblestone Village located west of the main road is considered to be part of Wilds Southwest, while the portion located east of the main road is considered to be part of Wilds Southeast.

New players leaving the tutorial will enter Free Realms here instead of Highroad Junction.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Adoption Center

Job Trainers Edit

  • Majorie Pet Trainer
  • Carlos Brazenfist Brawler Trainer
  • Simone Chef Trainer

Shops Edit

  • Potions (health, energy, replenishing)
  • Pet Collars
  • Pet Supplies

Local Dungeons Edit

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  • Wildwood Speedway
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