Example of an average Chugawug

The Chugawug are peaceful NPC creatures primarily located in the town of Wugachug. Chugawugs have a fonding for Sasparilla Water (aka Root Beer), and they hold a never ending festival dedicated to it. The only known brewery of Sasparillas is located in Wugachug.

There is also a large amount of Chugawugs that serve or have served in the Chugawug Army, primarily located in Briarwood.  There used to be a large amount of Chugawugs serving as guards in Sanctuary, but they were forced to leave after the assassination of the King and Queen.

Ever since the queen prior to Queen ValerianAyani died they were forced to split, one fraction serving Darkthorne, one fraction turning into thugs(better known as "Thugawugs") and one fraction staying as guards.

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