Combat Mini-games are mini-games in which players battle hostile NPC, players must be in a combat job(Brawler, Ninja, Archer, Medic, Warrior or Wizard) to enter. They are the primary method for increasing characters’ levels in combat jobs. Combat mini-games require the completion of at least one specific goal and when the goal is completed an Exit Door appears. Characters who pass through an Exit Door enter into the prize awarding screens, usually involving a prize wheel screen and a summary of prizes screen, and then are removed from the mini-game.

There are two primary types of combat mini-games: battles and dungeons. Dungeons are arguably a sub-set of battles but are treated as their own set within this wiki. The nodes to enter into battles appear in the world as NPCs, many of which wander in each direction. The nodes to enter into dungeons appear in the world as openings or paths blocked by barricades. Battles are smaller in scope than dungeons, having smaller maps and easier goals. Dungeons appear on the Atlas whereas battles do not.

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