Battles are combat mini-games. They are distinct from dungeons as their nodes are transient and appear as NPCs, they are smaller in scope, and they are not represented on the Atlas.

Battles by Difficulty Edit

Difficulty 1 Edit

Bixies Gone Wild!
Cake-Eating Cakelings
Crafty Robgoblins
Frostfang Growler!
Frostfang Snarlers!
Hooligan Brawling Club!
Robgoblin Adept Trouble!
Robgoblin Camp!
Robgoblin Pondblasters!
Robgoblin Troublemakers!
Snakes in a Maze!
Snatching Snappers!
Thugawug Bumbler!
Treasure of the Bone Shaman!
Troll Summoner Madness!

Difficulty 2 Edit

Band of Robgoblins!
Call of the Wildest!
Cray Marauders
Eight-Legged Monstrosities!
Feisty Floren!
Fleetfoot Ninja!
Ice Troll Scout!
Nettleseed Nibblers!
Petty Yetis!
Pixie Hunters!
Robgoblin Creek!
Robgoblin Geomancer!
The Bandit Thugamug
The Missing Sisters
Thugawug Bandits!
Thugawug Sneak!
Thugawug Thug!
Tormented Spirits!
Vampire Dance Practice
Venomous Frogs!
Vulture Watch!
Werewolf Dance Practice
When Plants Attack!

Difficulty 3 Edit

You need a level 5 or higher combat job to enter these.

Alpha Wolf!
Bigfoot's Lair
Bigfoot Defender
Introducing Bullseye!
Return to Sender!
Seaside Swoopers
Stealthy Despoilers
The Mushroom Gigas!

Difficulty 4 Edit

You need a level 9 or higher combat job to enter these.

Brugo's Fishing Spot
Grave Danger!
Moldy Shamblers!
Oasis of Peril!
Prince of the Low Tide!
Shady Smugglers!
Spawn of Necrosis

Difficulty 5 Edit

You need a level 13 or higher combat job to enter these.

Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost
Brutus the Brute!
Cakenstein Attacks!
Explosive Robgoblins!
Hooligan Bullies!
Mushroom Mania!
Stone Heart's Hideaway
Wraiths of Wrath!
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