Card Duelist
Male Human Card Duelist
The Free Realms™ Trading Card game is fun and easy! There are trainers in many places who are happy to challenge you to duels. Some will even award you special cards for winning matches. When you start the Trading Card Game for the first time, you will receive a free starter pack. Visit Poe Tatters in Sanctuary to get started.

Card Duelist is a gaming job, specializing the Free Realms TCG. A freestyle class job, experience is gained by competing against NPCs in the Free Realms TCG and completing the Duelist quests.

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Unlocking Card Duelist Edit

Card Duelist can be unlocked by activating a quest line with any of the following trainers:

Alternately, if the player speaks with Shifty The Shuffler in Wugachug, a quest will be added to the journal directing them to Poe Tatters in Sanctuary.

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Trainers Edit

Quests Edit

  • Card Duelist: Pick a Card, any Card: Shifty the Shuffler in Wugachug (optional)

Poe Tatters

  • Card Duelist: Enter the Champion
  • Card Duelist: Sam I Am

Sam Potts

  • Card Duelist: 52 Card Pick-Up
  • Card Duelist: Practice Makes Perfect
  • Card Duelist: So Over Archery
  • Card Duelist: Cardie 4 Life

Poe Tatters

  • Card Duelist: History of the Crew
  • Card Duelist: Half a Deck
  • Card Duelist: Poe's Planted Cards
  • Card Duelist: Poe's Best Deck
  • Card Duelist: An Old Friend


  • Card Duelist: Battle Bry
  • Card Duelist: Cardie Party
  • Card Duelist: Garrisoning Garrison

Garrison Gold

  • Card Duelist: Serious Business
  • Card Duelist: Snowhill Showdown
  • Card Duelist: Shifty Dealings

Shifty the Shuffler

  • Card Duelist: Misplaced Deck

Sasparilla Brewmaster Wugawump

  • Card Duelist: Squash the Shuffler
  • Card Duelist: Parcel Recovery

Jammie Swiftsong

  • Card Duelist: Monty Has 'Em All
  • Card Duelist: Just One More!
  • Card Duelist: Finding the Fish

Ari the Fish

  • Card Duelist: Proof is in the Cards
  • Card Duelist: Herme the Hermit

Herme Fickleleaf

  • Card Duelist: Playing a Prodigy

Maple Sugarleaf

  • Card Duelist: Best of the Best!

Equipment Edit

Clothing Edit

NB! Any non-job specific clothing can be worn with this job. However, there are a few special articles of clothing that can be obtained by completing Card Duelist quests.


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