Briarheart is a small place located in the northeastern part of Briarwood. It is the home of Princess Lavender- Queen Valerian's twin sister. Ever since her parents were assassinated, Lavender and the Chugawugs were exiled from Sanctuary. Princess Lavender assumed the name of Darkthorne (the name of Ayani's twin sister), tore off a part of The Heartseed, and fled to Briarwood along with a few Chugawugs. Briarheart Palace, a dark replica of the World Tree, grew from the Heartseed half which Lavender tore off.

To enter Briarheart the first time, you must prove yourself to the commander of the Tanglewood Fort in Nettleseed. There is a warpstone inside, so you only need to do this once.

There are no collection spawns in Briarheart. There is an Exploration collection, Briarwood - Briarheart. There is a Locked Treasure Chest, here, too. There is also no farm, but Rich Gold Mining can be found in plenty.


Briarheart is divided into two sections by a mountain range, with a tunnel connecting the two. The front half, which is where the back door of the Tanglewood Fort is. Here you will find the Croaking Vale, a hard dungeon. In the back half, at the "heart" of Briarheart, is Briarheart Palace, a World Tree like the one in Sanctuary, but a dark echo of that tree's brightness. Also, at the top of a switchback trail in the south, is the Briarheart Caverns, a hard dungeon.

Towns and Villages
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