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Welcome to the new location of, the wiki for Free Realms weapons, presented by Roland Spore. The site is still having its articles written so I apologize for its incompleteness. When it is complete, however, I hope to have created an encyclopedia of every weapon in Free Realms. There are 575 weapons in the game and BrawlWiki currently has 534 of those in its database.

The most recent weapons added to Free Realms can be found on the Gloam Invasion Weapons and Sunstone Valley Weapons pages.

Searching BrawlWiki Edit

All items are listed by their proper Free Realms names, and if you know that name or parts of that name you can use the search box in the left panel to find your item. Not everyone comes to BrawlWiki knowing the name of their sought item and for those times all items have been categorized for casual browsing. The following categories are useful for searching BrawlWiki:

Coin Shop Weapons New School Weapons Weapons by Job
SC Marketplace Weapons Old School Weapons Weapons by Level
Prize Wheel Weapons Vendor Weapons Weapons by Power
Quest Weapons Blue Text Weapons Weapons by Power Attack
Collection Weapons Green Text Weapons Weapons with Particle Effects
Blacksmith Recipe Weapons Treasure Trader Weapons Flair Shards
Seasonal Weapons Unobtainable Weapons
Code Weapons Retired Weapons

Helping BrawlWiki Edit

There are many items still missing from this wiki and I would love help in capturing screenshots of them for use here. I have created a list of those items at this link. If you have the ability of getting screenshots of any of those items please read the Helping BrawlWiki page for instructions on how to submit them.

BrawlWiki owes credit to the many people who have helped by supplying pictures of items outside of Roland's collection. I wish to name those who have contributed as a means of saying thank you.

Andrew Diamondhorn Grimmjow Jagerjaques Lyra Moonflower Seth Ninjax
Adwin Castor Jày Marisol Bluesurf Sev Kenek
Annie Hawkclaw Jelani Stonemark Morgoth Spellbinder Ragu
Autumn Roselake Kaden Wolfbane Mei Starlight Teddy Fluffyspy
Cindra Karen Souldancer Noble Stormcastle Tye Swordprince
Darian Spirithorn Lolaya Ohnonomomojo Vestaloyne
Dorian Silvervale Luke Mistycrest Sader Zhouz

BrawlWiki also owes special credit to one particular person: Andrew Diamondhorn. At the outset this website was going to be the product of my labor alone, as I hunted pictures to use on this site and generated all of the content solo. When Andrew learned that I was working on a weapon catalog he volunteered to help and has shown himself to be invaluable in the pursuit of screenshots. With his assistance established I was able to spend my time generating the content as he worked in-game collecting images. The creation time of this site has been reduced by many months due to his efforts. I thank you sincerely for your help Andrew.

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