180px-Old Blue Text stat box

Blue Text weapon stat box before being retired

Blue Text weapons are weapons whose names used to appear in a blue font, before being retired. They were members only weapons that were acquired in dungeons where they were dropped at random by certain "boss" enemies. On December 14, 2009, Blue Text weapons were retired and upon retirement their names were changed to a white font and their membership requirement was dropped. They are currently only acquired through trade.

All Blue Text weapons have particle effects. Some of these effects are closely duplicated by flair shards, while the rest are completely unique to these weapons.

Table of Blue Text weapons Edit

Level Power Category Archer Brawler Medic Ninja Warrior Wizard
12 5 Aqua Aqua Bow Aqua Anvil Aqua Saw Aqua Scythe Aqua Hammer Aqua Wand
13 5 Batty Batty Bow Batty Anvil Batty Bonesaw Batty Scythe Batty Hammer Batty Wand
12 5 Blazing Blazing Bow Blazing Drill Blazing Mega Saw Blazing Scythe Blazing Hammer Blazing Wand
4 3 Bubbleburst Bubbleburst Bow Bubbleburst Kendama Hammer Bubbleburst Scalpel Bubbleburst Blade Bubbleburst Axe Bubbleburst Wand
1 5 Butterfly Butterfly Bow Butterfly Log Hammer Butterfly Scalpel Butterfly Blade Butterfly Club Butterfly Wand
5 3 Carbon Carbon Bow Carbon Kendama Carbon Scalpel Carbon Blade Carbon Axe Carbon Wand
5 3 Confetti Confetti Bow Confetti Kendama Hammer Confetti Scalpel Confetti Blade Confetti Axe Confetti Wand
16 5 Fiery Fiery Bow Fiery Drill Fiery Mega Saw Fiery Scythe Fiery Hammer Fiery Wand
1 2 Forest Forest Branch Forest Stem Forest Bark Forest Root Forest Trunk Forest Twig
12 5 Frostflame Frostflame Bow Frostflame Drill Frostflame Saw Frostflame Scythe Frostflame Hammer Frostflame Wand
5 3 Gemstone Gemstone Bow Gemstone Kendama Hammer Gemstone Scalpel Gemstone Blade Gemstone Axe Gemstone Wand
16 5 Glacial Glacial Bow Glacial Hammer Glacial Shockrod Glacial Blade Glacial Axe Glacial Wand
5 3 Gravel Gravel Bow Gravel Kendama Hammer Gravel Scalpel Gravel Blade Gravel Hammer Gravel Wand
12 5 Illuminating Illuminating Bow Illuminating Drill Illuminating Mega Saw Illuminating Scythe Illuminating Hammer Illuminating Wand
5 3 Jeweled Jeweled Bow Jeweled Kendama Hammer Jeweled Scalpel Jeweled Blade Jeweled Axe Jeweled Wand
 ?  ? Juiced Juiced Bow Juiced Drill Juiced Saw Juiced Scythe Juiced Hammer Juiced Wand
16 5 Luminous Luminous Bow Luminous Hammer Luminous Shockrod Luminous Shadowblade Luminous Axe Luminous Wand
1 5 Monarch Monarch Bow Monarch Log Hammer Monarch Scalpel Monarch Blade Monarch Club Monarch Wand
1 2 Nature's Nature's Branch Nature's Stem Nature's Bark Nature's Root Nature's Trunk Nature's Twig
5 3 Party Party Bow Party Kendama Hammer Party Scalpel Party Blade Party Axe Party Wand
13 5 Rainbow Rainbow Bow Rainbow Anvil Rainbow Bonesaw Rainbow Scythe Rainbow Hammer Rainbow Wand
5 3 Rocky Rocky Bow Rocky Kendama Hammer Rocky Scalpel Rocky Blade Rocky Axe Rocky Wand
16 5 Smokey Smokey Bow Smokey Hammer Smokey Shockrod Smokey Shadowblade Smokey Axe Smokey Wand
4 3 Soapy Soapy Bow Soapy Kendama Hammer Soapy Scalpel Soapy Blade Soapy Battle Axe Soapy Wand
13 5 Spectrum Spectrum Bow Spectrum Anvil Spectrum Bonesaw Spectrum Scythe Spectrum Hammer Spectrum Wand
5 3 Sunlit Sunlit Bow Sunlit Kendama Hammer Sunlit Scalpel Sunlit Blade Sunlit Axe Sunlit Wand
8 4 Tidal Tidal Bow Tidal Drill Tidal Saw Tidal Scythe Tidal Hammer Tidal Wand
12 5 Toxic Toxic Sting Toxic Crush Toxic Spur Toxic Bite Toxic Malice Toxic Touch
8 4 Venom's Venom's Sting Venom's Crush Venom's Spur Venom's Bite Venom's Malice Venom's Touch
13 5 Winged Winged Bow Winged Anvil Winged Bonesaw Winged Scythe Winged Hammer Winged Wand
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