Blackspore Swamp house
A spooky, three-strory mansion located in the Blackspore Swamp.
~ in game description

The Blackspore Swamp House is a house that cost 950 Station Cash (855 Station Cash member's only).

SCicon Sunset Sale
As of March 18 through 31, 2014, all Station Cash items were permanently priced at Sc1 in response to the sunset.

Description Edit

Blackspore Swamp interior

Third floor. From

The house is three stories tall, the third having a balcony that you can view the front and back of the property on.

The interior floors are covered in purple tile, somewhat matching with the accents of the house. In contrast, the walls are wood-wallpaper combo of warm tones. Each floor is almost identical to each other, the only changes being the layout.

Blackspore Swamp exterior

Front of lot. From

The outside is dark and murky, with the thick fog making it difficult to see very far. Behind the house, there are small bodies of water, with multiple tombs farther behind it. In the front, a split path leads beyond the fog, with similar bodies of water accentuating it's sides. The path has dimly lit lampposts every few yards from each other. Along the path are trees that match the dark and mysterious feeling of the lot.

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