Blackspore Swamp
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Type Region
Level n/a
Location East of Crossroads, southeast of Stillwater Crossing
Inhabitants Humans, Pixies, Bandit Chugawugs
Blackspore Swamp is a town located in the southeast corner of Sacred Grove. It is a dark and gloomy swamp where there is little difference between night and day. Amid the bogs are rotting remains of what existed before the Unbinding including archaeological sites, the Ancient's Wall, and myriad fossils to be collected.

Blackspore is roughly rectangular in shape with the long dimension running north and south. The western side is swampy terrain and the eastern side is submerged under a dark lake. The main outpost, Mire's Edge, is clumped into a loose knot along the shore. Just north of Mire's Edge is Mucklewhump's Ferry. The presence of old man Mucklewhump gives the impression he once gave boat rides to the Isle of Tears out on the lake. South of Mire's Edge is the Ancient's Wall, and south of the wall is the Sinking Graveyard, Shadowtalon Dojo and the Quagmire Quarry. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the quarry and the unexplained deaths of some of the miners. Blackspore is separated from the rest of Sacred Grove by a mountain range that rings the town. There are two tunnels under the mountains that lead to town and there is also a warpstone in Blackspore near Mire's Edge.

During the annual  Spooktacular Blackspore is home to the Vampires vs. Werewolves Dance-off, which takes place just outside the gates of the Bone Bog Cemetery. The Dance-off is hosted by the Pumpkin Prince, whose tomb is in a corner of the cemetery. Many of the Super Spooktacular quests involve searching around Blackspore and crossing swords with the many haunts found here.

History Edit

Long before the Unbinding, the area now known as Blackspore Swamp was a beautiful rolling landscape, full of lush forests, fertile fields, and sparkling springs. Now Blackspore is a vast, seething swamp that seems to be sinking further and further into the mire. Despite -- or perhaps because of -- this decline, Blackspore is a refuge for thieves and other shady characters who take shelter in its shadows.

Travel Edit

Blackspore is located east of Crossroads and southeast of Stillwater Crossing. The only way into or out of Blackspore, other than by Warpstones, is to pass through the tunnels near Crossroads or Stillwater Crossing.

Locations Edit

On the Altas Edit

Warpstones Edit

Blackspore Warpstone

Dungeons Edit

Bone Bog Cemetery
Cracked Claw Caverns
Haunted Mines


Blackspore Checkers & Chess Table

Off the Atlas Edit

Dig Sites Edit

Relic Excavation Site

Places of Interest Edit

Ancient's Wall
Blackspore Pet Adoption Center
Mire's Edge
Mucklewhump's Ferry
Oberyn's Retreat
Quagmire Quarry
Shadowtalon Dojo
Splortata's Camp
Splortata's Timeout Spot
The Guild House
The Isle of Tears
The Sinking Graveyard

Battles Edit

Bergram Stumpfinger
Cray Marauder
Grave Elemental
Spawn of Necrosis
Tormented Spirit
Venomous Frog

Quests Edit

Blackspore Swamp series Edit

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Exploration Edit

Blackspore Rare Exploration
Blackspore Elite Exploration

Gathering Edit

Pile of Fossils
Pile of Fossils (Rare Collection)
Towns and Villages
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