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Blacksmiths use metal ore and other natural materials to create ingenious tools and dangerous weapons. You can craft items for your own jobs or sell them to other players to earn coins. Work with other professions to help you harvest the raw materials you need to craft additional items. Smitty in Snowhill can teach the tricks of the trade.

Blacksmith is a Members-only crafting job, specializing in the creation of weapons. A crafting class job, experience is gained by completing Blacksmith quests and by playing the forge mini-games.

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Unlocking Blacksmith Edit

Blacksmith can be unlocked by speaking with Smitty in Snowhill.

Trainers Edit

Quests Edit


  • Give my Regards to Smitty - Steelbloom in Sanctuary, sends you to Smitty


  • Blacksmith: Basics of Blacksmithing
  • Blacksmith: Smithy Merchandise
  • Blacksmith: Hammer Training
  • Blacksmith: Curious Cancellation


  • Blacksmith: Warrior Weapon

Brody Sparfist

  • Blacksmith: Bat Fighter

Derp Axemaker

  • Blacksmith: Impressing the Axemaker
  • Blacksmith: Dull Challenge
  • Blacksmith: Hammer Quality
  • Blacksmith: Reach Level 10
  • Blacksmith: Supply Delivery

Supply Master Leo

  • Blacksmith: Do Work!

Mili Ironcall

  • Blacksmith: Bolstering the Bows
  • Blacksmith: Chivalrous Carlos
  • Blacksmith: Local Bonesaw Shortage
  • Blacksmith: Breaking Bank

Billie JoBob

  • Blacksmith: Silver Appearance


  • Blacksmith: Wand Replacement
  • Blacksmith: Teacher's Aid Icon repeat
  • Blacksmith: Scythes of Stalking
  • Blacksmith: Reach Level 20
  • Blacksmith: Forging Rumors

Anata Caliburn

  • Blacksmith: Lady of the Lake
  • Blacksmith: Tools of the Trade
  • Blacksmith: No Sticks and Plenty of Stones
  • Blacksmith: Gemstone Roundup
  • Blacksmith: Legendary Summersaber
  • Blacksmith: The Royal Smithy


  • Blacksmith: Helping the Hospital Icon repeat

Collections Edit

Main article: Job Specific (Collections)#Blacksmith Collections
  • Blacksmith's Forge Adventures
  • Blacksmith Materials
  • Blacksmith Stories

Recipes Edit

Main article: List of Recipes (Blacksmith)

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Members Only

Archer - Blacksmith - Medic - Warrior - Wizard

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