Spinnerette, a female Black Widow

Black Widows are a species of arachnid that live exclusively in Briarwood and Blackspore Swamp. Most Black Widows serve as Dungeon enemies with the few exceptions such as Spinnerette. Black Widows found in Briarwood serve under the rule of Queen Arachnia and the Forest Troll General Grexan; while the Black Widows found in Blackspore serve under the rule of Necrosis.

Baby Black Widows are known as Hatchlings, and often appear spawning out of eggs in the dungeon instances Arachnia's Lair and Haunted Mines. Male Black Widows tend to have smooth legs and two fangs; while the female Black Widows have hairy legs, four fangs, and a spike at the end of their abdomen.


There are currently no known Black Widow sub-races at this point.



Black Widows may be found in the following places:


Notable NPCsEdit

A list of named black widows who can be interacted with one way or another.

  • Spinnerette; Quest NPC; found in Bristlewood, gives the quests "Corrupted Soldiers" and "Untamed Spirit"
  • Queen Arachnia; Enemy NPC; boss of the Arachnia's Lair dungeon
  • Necrosis; Enemy NPC; bonus boss of the Haunted Mines dungeon

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