The Birthday Bash is an annual event held throughout the month of April in celebration of launch day for Free Realms on April 29th, 2009. The event includes balloon items, and plenty of Cakelings! And don't forget Cakenstein!

Birthday Bash Event!Edit

Cakenstein monsterEdit

Birthday Bash

To defeat Cakenstein, you must participate in the live minigame in one of the following places that Cakestein will spawn in every 15 minutes. There will be server broadcasts announcing when he spawns.

Once you see the in-game announcement, head to the birthday party celebration in the given town (usually near the Cooking Table in that region). You should be able to find a crate of Party Fireworks nearby that you can click on. Cakenstein himself along with some Cakelings will appear in the general vicinity of the party and begin working his way toward it.

Use the number 3 key on your keyboard to assault Cakenstein with the fireworks. It will take several people working together to take down this menace!

After Cakenstein is defeated, a treasure chest will drop, rewarding one random Mystery Gift to everyone that participated!

There will also be Cake Fight piles left behind! Stick around and have a fun cake fight with your friends while they last.

Cake-Filled BattlesEdit

Two unique battles are introduced in this event. Let the caking begin!

  • Cake-Eating Cakelings - Tier 1 battle requires level 1 or higher, unlocked after completing the quest  Mysteriously Cakey Remains
  • Cakenstein Attacks! - Tier 5 battle requires level 13 or higher, unlocked after completing the quest Cakey Madness

The prize wheels for both battles include event-specific items such as t-shirts, balloons, fireworks and much more. The wheel on the Tier 5 Level 16 battle also includes a balloon weapon for each job.


In Sanctuary, Camellia offers the following quests:


Freestyle Clothing Obtainable Through Minigames:

Combat Weapons Obtainable Through Minigames:

Freestyle Items Obtainable Through Quests:

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