Battle Item Mystery Pack is a prize granted by most combat mini-game prize wheels in Free Realms. It is not an item itself, but when a prize wheel lands on Battle Item Mystery Pack you receive instead three identical battle items chosen at random. There is likely a correlation between items granted by a Battle Item Mystery Pack and the difficulty of the combat mini-game where they are rewarded but that correlation, if any, hasn’t been determined.

Prizes Edit

Battle Item Mystery Packs provide one of the following prizes:

Three Blast Orbs
Three Blast Spheres
Three Confusion Orbs
Three Confusion Spheres
Three Flabbergast Orbs
Three Flabbergast Spheres
Three Frag Orbs
Three Frag Spheres
Three Medium Energy Potions
Three Medium Health Potions
Three Medium Replenishment Potions
Three Sleep Orbs
Three Sleep Spheres
Three Unmoving Orbs
Three Unmoving Spheres
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