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Watch out! There are spiders everywhere! Defeat the Queen and her minions before she expands her territory!

Arachnia's Lair is a difficulty 2 dungeon that is started by clicking on Arachnia's Lair in Bristlewood, in Briarwood. There is an icon on the Atlas for Arachnia's Lair.

Required Edit

Level 1, Any Combat Job

Goals Edit

Defeat the Spider Queen!
Bonus: Defeat the 3 Webspinner Princesses. (3)

Rewards Edit

418 Stars or less
Members Only Bonus: 153 Coins

Archer Prize Wheel Edit

Archer's Horse Bow of Explosions
Archer's Necklace of Vitality II
Archer's Power Shard of Vitality II
Battle Item Mystery Pack
Point Blank Archer Tunic
99 Coins

Brawler Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Brawler's Hammer of Pummeling
Brawler's Necklace of Vitality II
Brawler's Power Shard of Vitality II
Peek-a-Boo Brawler Shirt
99 Coins

Medic Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Medic's Necklace of Vitality II
Medic's Power Shard of Vitality II
Medic's Scalpel of Alarm
Urgent Care Medic Shirt
99 Coins

Ninja Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Ninja's Blade of Shuriken Storm
Ninja's Necklace of Vitality II
Ninja's Power Shard of Vitality II
Nokizaru Ninja Gi
99 Coins

Warrior Prize Wheel Edit

Basic Attack Warrior Tunic
Battle Item Mystery Pack
Warrior's Axe of Earthquake
Warrior's Necklace of Vitality II
Warrior's Power Shard of Vitality II
99 Coins

Wizard Prize Wheel Edit

Battle Item Mystery Pack
Hedge Wizard Short Cloak
Wizard's Necklace of Vitality II
Wizard's Power Shard of Vitality II
Wizard's Wand of Firestorm
99 Coins

Bonus Rewards Edit

Completion of the bonus goal, "Defeat the 3 Webspinner Princesses", will grant all players in the instance an article of clothing from the sets listed below. The color and body part of the armor is random, but the armor will match the current job of the player receiving it.

Archer: Point Blank, Roving
Brawler: Bum Rush, Peek-a-Boo
Medic: Antibiotic, Urgent Care
Ninja: Nokizaru, Sekkou
Warrior: Basic Attack, Second Wind
Wizard: Hedge, Journeyman
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