A mighty Warrior's axe that is flowing with red dragon scales.

Angro's Vanquisher is the name of two different Brawler weapons. One of those is a level 1 weapon that was previously sold through the Station Cash Marketplace. The other is a level 16 weapon that was previously acquired from the Facebook application Free Realms Treasure Trader. Neither weapon is currently able to be acquired.

SC Angro's Vanquisher Edit

No information yet.

Treasure Trader Angro's Vanquisher Edit

TT Angro's Vanquisher held

Treasure Trader Angro's Vanquisher

TT Angro's Vanquisher item

Treasure Trader Angro's Vanquisher

Cannot Sell. Cannot Trade.

Required Edit

Level 16, Warrior

Effects Edit

Hack 'n' Slash: Wildly swings at anything within range. Damages all nearby opponents multiple times.

Deals 1186 damage.
Deals 1186 damage.

Berserk: Sends you into a berserker rage severely damaging all opponents in front of you and increasing your attack power.

Deals 10674 damage.
Increases overall damage.
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