Ambassadors are members of the SOE Community Relations Team.

Community Ambassadors undertake many tasks for the game and community. Their duties have changed over the life of the game, but can/do include:

  • Sharing communications between the players and the Dev Team (liaison)
  • Running events in game
  • Hosting House Parties in game
  • Overseeing the Official Free Realms forums
  • Overseeing social media site (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Hosting live events (SOE Live, SOE Block Party)

The original Community Ambassador for Free Realms was Ambassador Pex. He was assisted by a group of his teammates at SOE, including international Ambassadors who spoke French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Pex was followed by Ambassador Zatozia, Ambassador Amnerys, and Ambassador Virrago. The current Ambassador at the helm is Ambassador Amnerys.

Aside from running community events and overseeing social media sites, Ambassadors get to work with the Dev Team. One of their main goals is to collect information from the player community and share that with the team, letting the people who make the game know what it is that the people who play the game like, don't like, want to do in game, etc. Ambassadors collect this feedback and generate reports based on this information. Ambassadors also share information with the players when the Dev Team needs to get news and notes out to the community.

Enforcers Edit

For Free Realms: Sunrise, they have Enforcers. They have a similar role, but do not host any events. The Enforcers moderate the social media accounts and ensure that the rules are closely kept followed. They are distinctive by their violet name colors on the Discord server.

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