Adventurers seek the thrills of exploring the wilderness, finding others who need their assistance, and picking up interesting trinkets along the way.

Adventurer is the default job the player starts out with. A freestyle class job, experience is mainly gained by completing collections.

Unlocking Adventurer Edit

Adventurer can be unlocked by speaking to Michael Tallstrider after finishing the first quest in the tutorial. It is automatically unlocked if the tutorial is skipped.

Collections Edit

Main article: Exploration (Collections)
  • Blackspore
  • Blackspore Rare Exploration
  • Briarwood - Briarheart
  • Briarwood - Bristlewood
  • Briarwood - Nettleseed
  • Briarwood - Thistlerow
  • Briarwood Explorer
  • Briarwood Rare Exploration
  • Cobblestone Village
  • Forest Troll Village
  • Highroad Junction
  • Lakeshore
  • Major Warpstones
  • Merry Vale
  • Merry Vale Rare Exploration
  • Newbie Explorer
  • Queensfields
  • Sacred Grove Explorer
  • Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary Rare Exploration
  • Seaside
  • Seaside Rare Exploration
  • Shrouded Glade
  • Shrouded Glade Rare Exploration
  • Snowhill
  • Snowhill Rare Exploration
  • Stillwater Crossing
  • Warpstones
  • Wilds Explorer
  • Wilds Northeast Rare Exploration
  • Wilds Northwest Rare Exploration
  • Wilds Southeast Rare Exploration
  • Wilds Southwest Rare Exploration
  • Wugachug
  • Wugachug Rare Exploration

Freestyle Clothing Edit

Explorer's Clothing Edit

NB! Any non-job specific clothing can be worn with this job. However, there is a few special sets of clothing that can be obtained by completing rare exploration collections.

Pathfinder's ClothingEdit

  • Pathfinder's Hat Male Female
  • Pathfinder's Gloves Male Female Aquired by completing Plates collection part of a Meta collection
  • Pathfinder's Shirt Male
  • Pathfinder's Midriff Shirt Female
  • Pathfinder Pants Male
  • Pathfinder Capri's Female
  • Pathfinder's Boots Male Female
  • Pathfinder's Backpack (Both Genders)

Seeker's ClothingEdit

  • Seeker's Hat Male Female
  • Seekers Gloves Male Female Acrquired by completing Mission Complete collection part of a Meta collection
  • Seeker's Shirt Male
  • Seeker's Midriff Shirt Female
  • Seeker's Pants Male Female
  • Seeker's Boots Male Female
  • Seeker's Backpack (Both Genders)

Traveler's ClothingEdit

  • Traveler's Cap Male Female
  • Traveler's Shirt Male Female
  • Traveler's Wristband Male Female Acquired by completing Yo-yos collection part of a Meta collection
  • Traveler's Shorts Male Female
  • Traveler's Boots Male Female
  • Traveler's Backpack Male Female

Vaultberries Clothing Guys & GirlsEdit

Vaultberries are seeds growing out of the Royal Vault that can be purchased in the Marketplace or from Gulsh located outside the Royal Vault in Sanctuary. These seeds can be planted in your farm and take one day to harvest, but if you want to speed up the process purchase and use fertilizer to reduce the harvesting time from one day to 12 hours. When harvested, vaultberries give random items in any of Free Realms's colors. Here are the possible rewards. (Pictures of all the rewards are not available.)

Unisex Clothing:

  • Baseball Caps Male Female
  • Sunglasses Male Female
  • Heart T-shirt Male Female
  • Robogoblin T-shirt Male Female
  • Striped T-shirt Male Female
  • Swimmer Short Sleeve Male Female
  • Wilds T-shirt Male Female
  • Board Shorts Male Female
  • Bermuda Shorts Male Female
  • Boot Cut Pants Male Female
  • Small Stiched Pants Male Female
  • Orange Strapped Flip Flops Male Female
  • Striped Sandals Male Female

Guys Only:

  • Baggy Jeans Male
  • Cargo Shorts Male
  • Flannel Shirt Male
  • Hightops Male
  • Hoodie Male
  • Layered Shirt Male
  • Long Sleeve Flared Shirt Male
  • One Stripe Shirt Male
  • Striped Shirt Male
  • Striped Polo Shirt Male
  • Short Sleeve Plaid Male
  • Short Sleeve Flared Shirt Male
  • Swirly Shirt Male
  • Slipper Sandals Male
  • Three Quarted Plaid Male
  • Work Boots Male

Girls Only:

  • Blouse Vest  Female
  • Boot Cut Pointy Pants Female
  • Cardigan Sweater Female
  • Closed Toe Sandals Female
  • Cowboy Hat Female
  • Dark Shoulder Midriff Female
  • Filigree Long Sleeve Female
  • Flared Capris Female
  • Flared Pants Female
  • Hightops Female
  • Layered Skirt Female
  • One Shoulder Shirt Female
  • Peep Toe Pumps Female
  • Pink Small Sweater Blouse Female
  • Rolled Sleeve Hoodie Female
  • Ruffled Blouse Female
  • Small Sweater Blouse Female
  • Stitched Capris Female
  • Strapped Shoes Female
  • Striped Ruffled Blouse Female
  • Striped Baggy Pants  Female
  • Sporty Sandals Female
  • Striped Tank Tops  Female
  • Vest Blouse Female

Weeding & Farming Guys & GirlsEdit

Once you purchase a farm or visit your Wilds Farm or Brairwood Farm you would see weeds, tree, piles of rocks and boulders. These would give you either coins or chests, but not all items are received from chests. The rest are acquired by spinning the farmer makert by completing their list of harvested crops. These items are only achieved by farming.


Astro Helmet Male Female

Jester Hat Male Female

Dobo Side Kicks Male Female

Felt Berets Male Female

Ku-Fung Shirt Male Female

Baseball Cap Male Female

Board Shorts Male Female

Wilds T-shirt Male Female

Swimmer Short Sleeve Male Female

White Stitched Fingerless Gloves Male Female

Guys Only:

Gold Trimmed Gloves Male 

Bomber Jacket Male 

Flannel Shirt Male 

Gold Tipped Work Boots Male 

Grappling Hook Pants Male 

Beige Strapped Fedora Male 

Brown Rope Rolled Sleeve Shirt Male 

Brown Rope Fedora Male 

White Stitched Work Boots Male 

White Stitched Boot Cut Pants Male 

Girls Only:

Designer Gloves Female

Poofy Blouse Vest Female

Pink Small Sweater Blouse Female

Blouse Vest  Female

Riding Pants Female

Gold Buckled Knee High Boos Female

Outback Hat Female

Orange Ker Chief Mid Female

Orange Belt Rider Pants Female

Orange Slough Hat Female

Orange Knee High Boot Female

Members Only
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