8bit moustache
It's a-you, and a-your 8-bit moustache
~ In-game description

The 8-Bit Moustache is an All Jobs, misc slot, clothing item that was available to everyone through the Station Cash Marketplace at the regular price of Sc99 and to Members at the 10% discount price of Sc89.

The 8-Bit Moustache was introduced in game on September 17, 2013, as a part of 8-Bit Month, and became unobtainable on October 8, 2013 as 8-Bit Month officially finished.

An image of the 8-Bit Moustache was originally revealed publicly on September 13th, 2013 through a thread on the Official Free Realms Forums titled Development Tidbits 9/13/2013 by Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George. The thread was later shared as a blog on the Official Free Realms Wiki, Shock's Update - 9/13/13.



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