8-bit month
September is 8-Bit month!
~ In game caption

8-Bit Month was an 8-Bit themed, month-long event that began September 1, 2013 and ran through October 7, 2013. During the event, Free Realms featured 8-Bit inspired content updates.

According to Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George, the 8-Bit Month event will be treated as a holiday[1], and all 8-Bit inspired content introduced during 8-Bit Month may possibly return in 2014[2].


September 2013's Monthly Member Pack Items

Week #1 - 9/3/2013

Week #2 - 9/10/13

Week #3 - 9/17/13

Week #4 - 9/24/13

Week #5 - 10/01/13

  • Achievement added in the Events section for completing Momma Meepster's quest.

Week #6 - 10/08/13

  • 8-Bit Month finished

Initial RevealingEdit

8-Bit Month was initially revealed publicly on August 21, 2013 through a thread on the Official Free Realms Forums titled Development Tidbits 8/21/2013. The thread included a teaser image (featured below) along with a caption that read:

Just wanted to share something with you all that we are very excited about. A photo is worth a thousand speculations!
~ Shock on Development Tidbits 8/21/2013

The thread was later shared as a blog on the Official Free Realms Wiki, Shock's Development Tidbits - 08/21/2013



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