This Special Edition Collector Pack inclues a rare Free Bruce toy!
~ In-game description

The 2013 Snow Days Toy Collector Pack is a Snow Days Toys housing bundle that is available during Snow Days 2013 to everyone for purchase through the Station Cash Marketplace at the regular price of Sc396, and to Members at the 10% discount price of Sc356.

The 2013 Snow Days Toy Collector Pack was introduced in-game on December 10, 2013 as a part of Snow Days 2013.

Items in the bundle:

  • Ice Troll Scout (1)
  • Yeti Pounder (1)
  • Bruce (1)
  • Ice Troll Guardian (1)
  • Bert & Ernie (1)


Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George featured the bundle's icon as a teaser image over twitter on December 9, 2013.[1]



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