1M T-Shirt held front
Reward celebrating 1,000,000 registered Free Realms players.
~ In game description

The 1M T-Shirt is an Adventurer Job Chest Slot equippable T-shirt. On the 24th of May 2009, John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, revealed that 1 million users had signed up to Free Realms 18 days after its launch. To mark that event, SOE had rewarded all current players with limited edition, in-game T-shirts featuring special graphics. The one-millionth player had also received a lifetime membership to the game, a one-of-a-kind in-game astronaut suit, and 10,000 Station Cash.
Gender: Girl and Boy Usable
Required: Level 1Adventurer
Cannot Trade
This item is equippable in the Chest slot.


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