The scrutinizer
I am THE SCRUTINIZER! I am here to call you to action, *Player Name*, in the struggle between Gleam and Gloam!
~ The Scrutinizer

The Scrutinizer is an NPC located in Downtown Sanctuary during HeroRealms Month, a Hero vs. Villain themed month-long event. Both The Scrutinizer and HeroRealms Month were introduced in-game on January 14, 2014.

The character "The Scrutinizer" appears to be inspired by the Watchers from the Fantastic Four series. To scrutinize means to examine or inspect, a variation of to watch.


The Scrutinizer was first revealed publicly over Twitter by Free Realms Lead Designer Justin "Mourde" Dazet on December 18, 2013,[1] and was featured through a teaser image on December 19, 2013.[2]

On January 13, 2014, Free Realms Producer Steve "Shock" George posted an advertisement image featuring The Scrutinizer.[3]



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